It’s hard to know where to start, on About pages, isn’t it?

I could tell you about my journey with art, art college, and everything arty that happened to me since. Or the madness of having wild, wonderful kids that was like being tumbled around in the drier, and that has now unceremoniously shoved me out at the end of that ride. They grow up, what a shock.

I could ramble on about witchcraft, and our beautiful land that is worth fighting for, about women’s circles and peacecamps, and climbing barbed wire fences. Or my insane love of cats, all animals, starry skies, lying in woodlands staring up at the trees, of all the things that fill me with wonder. Also all the things that have the power to break me, or at least ache my heart.

So many stories, we all carry them.

I live in a small market town in Gloucestershire, filled with a crazy mad tribe of people, its home. Also home is Maud, my campervan, and her and I travel relentlessly and obsessively between the oceans of the West, and the oceans of the East, magical places where witches be. My heart places.