I am an artist who loves working with colour and many different mediums – paint, pencils, inks, textiles, porcelain. This website focuses on my love of textiles and art and the journey I’m taking as I try to capture my ideas in stitch and paint.

There is a magical theme running through many of my pieces – witchcraft, spirit animals, and unseen realms. I have over 80 of these designs made into cards which you can buy by emailing me – see the Cards page. Underpinning many of my pieces is an urge to tell stories that have been hidden, whether they be mine, or womens’ collective memory and lore. 

Small stitches mend, and they pin down otherwise free floating ideas or pieces of fabric. I find myself continually thinking about theft, of what we have lost, or perhaps never had. For me this means the gradual stealing of our land, our safety, for women our reproductive rights, piece of mind, a life without equality or peace, perhaps too our agency and our very voice. Silence erodes, theft is capture. All rich veins of possibility to be woven into a different tapestry, one with heretical threads. This, this is where I return to, again and again.